We invite you to attend the annual International CrowdFund Film Festival

ICFFF.org brings together artists, filmmakers, and video game creators to meet in Los Angles in October. If you want to get involved as a speaker, sponsor, vendor, advertiser or a volunteer, please contact us for more information. The International CrowdFunding Film Festival (ICFFF) allows film and video game makers at any stage of the life of their creation from concept to production to participate in a one of a kind crowdfunding event. ICFFF gives them an opportunity to gain exposure, connect with crowdfunding experts, and maximize their chances for crowdfunding success! A never before seen format –  International CrowdFunding Film Festival educates and spotlights the films and games for the crowdfunding future. Submit your film&video project to enter 2019  selection for upcoming CF festival, HERE

For press credential, please send your documents on the letterhead of the media outlet to the following email to info@icfff.org, by the end of November 2019.

NEW PEOPLE  CINEMA: 1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA

NEW PEOPLE CINEMA: 1746 Post St, San Francisco

Festival Report   CrowdFund Film society hosts film festivals in San Francisco, Vancouver  By Robert Mullins ICFFF.org hosted film festivals Dec. 5 in San Francisco and Vancouver, B.C. to highlight the role of crowdfunding as a way to raise capital for film projects. The International CrowdFunding Film Festival in San Francisco drew film fans to the Supper Club restaurant in the South of Market part of town. Simultaneously, the Vancouver event was held at a restaurant there. Film projects are among the most popular uses of crowdfunding, where individuals contribute money to a project just as a show of support for the entrepreneur. One of the most successful crowdfunded films was a movie based on the TV series “Veronica Mars.” The “Veronica Mars Movie Project” raised $5.7 million from 91,000 people, both records for the Kickstarter film and video category. The movie, starring Kristen Bell, who also starred in the TV series, is scheduled for release March 14, 2014, one year and one day after the Kickstarter campaign began. Meanwhile, actor and director Zach Braff raised $3.1 million for his feature film “Wish I Was Here,” and directors Spike Lee and Joe Dante went to the crowd to fund their movie projects. Other notable film projects still seeking funds include a remake of the “Star Trek” TV series featuring some cast members from the original series, which raised $86,000 so far through Indiegogo, and a feature film starring Sylvester Stallone, Danny Aiello and Kyra Sedgwick that has raised $262,225 through Kickstarter, surpassing a goal of $250,000. The International CrowdFunding Film Festival didn’t attract high-caliber celebrities like those, but it did draw people with more modest projects, many of them short films, documentaries, animated films and other productions. Sydney Armani, the publisher of CrowdFundBeat, hosted the San Francisco event.“I see in these directors, writers, and cinematographers, the same core passion for innovation. They are not only artists but more importantly, entrepreneurs – they are seeking to touch the world and make a difference through their films. We know of their struggle to find financial backing and I believe crowdfunding will be the answer,” says Armani.