CrowdFunding and the Future of Film and Entertainment

‘Little Miss Sunshine’ Producer: What They Don’t Tell You


  Zach Braff Kickstarter Success: Will Crowdfunding Transform  Showbiz?  how crowdfunding will be transformed by showbiz

  Hulo Films are producing a family friendly feature film called Milton’s Secret written by bestselling author Eckhart Tolle. 

    The producers of the Roger Ebert documentary “Life Itself” have    launched      a crowdfunding campaign to help finish the film. The producers are 

CrowdFundBeat exclusive interview with filmmaker Lisa Katselas  

 Jun 11, 2013  It’s not just filmmakers turning to crowdfunding these days: Thesp  Chazz Palminteri is attached to star in playwright-actor Kenny D’Aquila’s new 
   Magician and performer Penn Jillette has launched a  $999,956 crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for his feature-length thriller  “Director’s 
   LONDON — Tighter rules governing crowd-funding platforms have    been drafted  in the U.K., which could hit indie pic financing. U.K. financial 
 Apr 26, 2013  WASHINGTON — Speaking at an MPAA, Microsoft and Time event called  the Creativity Conference Friday, former President Bill Clinton talked 
 Dec 4, 2012  Crowdfunding preps for payoffs Crowdfunders may finally reap fiscal  rewards from a movie they help finance as equity versions of sites such as